About Us


Premco was one of the first and is still one of the only American-owned and operated manufacturers of precision fuel injection components. Premco is a small family-owned business that specializes in manufacturing *Cummins ™ fuel injection components. Our fuel pumps and injectors, along with our complete line of replacement fuel injection components, are considered some of the highest quality available.

Premco sources all our raw materials here in the USA!


Building a Drag race or sled pulling truck.. give premco a call

Why Choose Premco?

  • Owned and operated by Warren and Wendi Wulstein; as husband and wife they work side by side, along with their adopted family of long-time employees.
  • As owner's Warren & Wendi are fully involved in every aspect of day-to-day operations. When you call Premco, most likely, you will be talking to one of them.
  • Premco's roots come from manufacturing parts for the aerospace and medical industry; we still service these industries today. Premco has applied this expertise to the manufacturing of our fuel injection components.
  • Premco understands and is well versed in extremely close-tolerance manufacturing. We apply this to our injector and pump assembly. Premco feels using our parts and our experience, we can offer a superior product.
  • Premco is not your typical fuel shop….Most fuel shops rely on "bought parts" from who knows where.
  • Premco manufactures and assembles our components in-house in the great state of Texas.
  • Premco sources all our raw materials here in the USA!
  • Premco's injectors are Balanced and Blueprinted.
  • Premco's Injectors are built as a set.
  • Premco's pumps and injectors are built to your order.
  • Premco is NOT an e-commerce company, we want to get to know each and every customer, we want our customers to feel like family receiving the absolute best products and service possible.

If you do decide to choose Premco, we would like to say Thank You! For your business!